A Statement from the Core Team: The Common Table Ends Its Ministry at the End of 2021

Formed in 1932 as a new mission in Decatur, The Lutheran Church of The Messiah has been present at its 465 Clairemont Road location since 1949. This ninety-year-old congregation has been a light of good news and a proclaimer of the love of God to all people, while serving the community and attending to its hurts.


After years of decline, at the beginning of 2020, the congregation became The Common Table with new vision and a new pastor in an attempt to revitalize itself. The ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and other complicating circumstances thwarted the revitalizing efforts to the extent that the congregation has decided to close and to use its resources for other not-for-profits who bring hope and healing to the world.

We give thanks for the thousands or people who called our congregation their spiritual home and who made the world in which we live brighter and more hopeful.