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Rising Anew...

We have discerned God's call to us to be reborn as a new church community, grounded not in dogma but in grace and extravagant love for all people. We are different – ages, colors, ethnicities, all in love with all of God’s creation and children. The Common Table will be the name of our new community. We will be launching on April 12, 2020.


A Church Community in Decatur 



To invite all people to share the wholeness and joy of Jesus



Being a diverse and multi-generational community...


Fighting for justice. Protecting the vulnerable and those in need, the poor and powerless and the disenfranchised…proclaiming good news and working for all people to experience freedom.


Loving all. We will welcome all people regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual identity with the compassion of Christ. We believe God’s love is meant to be shared without limits or boundaries. The only thing that can make all creation whole and bring joy to the world is the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.


Journeying together. Life is better connected. We want to be a place of sanctuary and community, not prejudice or judgment. We value genuine community more than being right. We welcome doubts and uncertainty. Jesus is the center and our focus. Jesus holds us all together as we journey.


Dreaming fearlessly. We will dream big and believe that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us and that God’s power at work within us can accomplish far more than we can imagine or dream.

Joyful Servants

As joyful servants, we bear the heart of Jesus in these four concrete ways:

We Feed - We are committed to feeding the hungry, homeless, and battered. We also feed spiritually, meaning that when we gather for worship, God's table of grace is open for all people to be fed with the life of God. 


Building upon a long-standing relationship with 

Decatur Cooperative MinistryHagar's House, as well as Meals on Wheels, we continue to be a partner. Just as we go to feed them, we are fed by those that come to us.

We Regenerate - Recognizing that the ecological future of the planet is at stake, we paying attention to environmental stewardship, we commit to teach and practice "being green" in all that we do.

We Resettle - Recognizing that the Jesus of the scriptures made welcoming the stranger and the refugee mandates for being the people of God, we work with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and their Georgia agency, Inspiritus, to actively resettle refugee families.

We Welcome - The church is not ours; it is God's. Rather than saying that we have a mission, better to say that God has a mission and God has a church. We will foster healing, wholeness and joy for all people, particularly through becoming and living as a Reconciling in Christ community.

Joyful Seekers

We recognize that as citizens of this world in this day and age most of us seek to satisfy three human quests:

The Need for Community - From the very beginning and especially in our fragmented world, human beings are not created to be alone. In our mission community of faith, we value healthy and joyful relationships.

The Need for Spiritual Moorings - We do not indoctrinate. We rather equip persons for the changes and chances of life, knowing that God is in the equation, and that in all circumstances, love and life always win.

The Need to Make a Difference - With those living on the fringes. We do not exist for ourselves. We exist for others. We understand that we are bearing the hands, feet and heart of Jesus for the sake of the world.

a new church community in Decatur

465 Clairemont Ave. 

Decatur, GA 30030

404-373 -1682

The Common Table is a mission congregation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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