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How To Love Your Neighbors During COVID-19

While The Common Table is moving all of our gatherings to the virutal space, we know there are still real needs in our community and around the world. Keep reading for some ideas on how to share some love with your local and global neighbors.

Check-in with your neighbors, especially older neighbors.

I have LOVED seeing Facebook posts offering to help neighbors out in this time. Maybe you can share some of that toilet paper or water you stocked up on, maybe you can run an errand for someone who can't leave the house, maybe you can (safely) prepare a meal, or maybe you can simply call or text every few days to check in on people. We have a few people who are checking in on our older folks by phone. If you’d like to help, email me.

Limit your social interactions, even if healthy and younger.

If you’ve been hearing or reading about #flattenthecurve, this is exactly why limiting social interactions is so important and one of the main reasons we moved quickly to shift all our gatherings to the virtual space!

Donate to organizations making a difference locally and globally.

We’ve provided direct links to these organization’s website to donate online. If you want to share a donation via check and can’t figure out how to do that with one of these organizations, you can mail your donation to The Common Table (465 Clairemont Ave, Decatur, GA 30030) with “COVID-19” in the memo line and we will add those donations to what we are sharing as a church.

  • Provide food for Hagar’s House residents. We regularly support Hagar’s House, a shelter for homeless families, with a monthly meal. There are always gaps in their meal volunteer calendar and with COVID-19, there is an even greater need. Donate now.

  • Support Decatur families with food insecurities while schools are closed. Approximately 130 families in the Decatur community will experience food insecurity due to the absence of the breakfast and lunch meals provided at school. We have partnered with school social workers and other organizations to identify these families and address the potential need. But we can’t do it alone! We are looking for 130 community members who would be willing to donate $50 per week to address this need during the school break. In essence, each community member would sponsor a family experiencing food insecurity. Set up a one-time donation or a weekly reoccurring donation that goes straight to our Lighten The Load fund.

  • Partner with Lutheran World Relief to combat Coronavirus world-wide. LWR is the international relief organization of the global Lutheran community. They do incredible, transformative work around the world and are on the front-lines of some of the COVID-19 response efforts. Donate now.

  • Help the ongoing Middle Tennessee Tornado recovery efforts. While COVID-19 is getting most of the attention, we can’t forget about the deadly tornado that moved through Middle Tennessee recently. Donate to Inspiritus and their work on the ground in TN.

  • Donate Blood. If you are healthy and can manage this, donating blood in times of crisis is always a good idea!

Support the local businesses. My wife, Laura, works in economic development for a local city government and was reminding me that many local businesses often operate on very small margins. She saw a Facebook post encouraging people to buy gift cards to local restaurants and businesses (online if possible!) and wait a few weeks to use them. This gives these businesses some extra margin when business might be slower and money a little tight.

What ideas do you have? Comment below.

Let’s make love the hallmark of our response to this crisis.

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